It’s back to school time. In other words, it’s how we know to settle into another routine; summer has ended and fall is at our doorstep. I don’t have little ones in school any more but it still affects me because my husband teaches and my clients are all adjusting their schedules based on the school schedules in our area. I’d like to share 4 tips for back to school organization to help make your back to school transition a little easier.

Have a Launch Pad
This area of the home is for everyone who comes and goes daily. It should be near the door you most use to exit and enter your home. This is a place for shoes, coats, bags and backpacks, sunglasses, keys, and other things to leave with you.  It can be a coat closet, a piece of furniture or a simple bench with hooks on the wall above. When setting up your launch pad, look at the things that tend to collect near the door. Make a plan for the best use of the area you have to work with.  Check out my Pinterest Board called Mudroom/Launch Pad for ideas.
Create a Collection Area for each Child
This is especially important if you have children in elementary school. They are bringing home graded homework and artwork that they want you to see. Just like in your own office, make them an in-box.  This can be a plastic container, a wall pocket, a basket or even a cardboard flat (the kind from a case of soda). The idea is to give them an area to collect their papers and art. Want to know what to do with the papers after they land in this box? Read these blog posts : Managing the Paper Memorabilia and School Days memorabilia.
Set up a Homework Station (or Homework Supply Station)
It’s important to have an area for your children to do their work. No matter the location you choose, be sure that all the tools needed are at hand. Make up a kit of binder paper, notebooks, markers, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpeners and the like to have easily accessible for homework time. If the children do homework in their rooms then make sure the supplies are centrally located. Having a homework station is a key component to helping your children be successful with their homework habits.
Establish Morning and Bed Time Routines
Having a morning and bed time routine is critical for all members of your household, not just the children. Sit down and discuss with your family what things will make the mornings and bed time go more smoothly. Give yourself more time than you think it will take for these routines; you can always adjust after you have solidly established these routines. Some suggestions:
 – Lay out clothes the night before
 – End the day with reading rather than television or video games (the experts say this makes for better sleeping)
 – Pack lunches and backpacks the night before
 – Make the bed every day
 – Eat a good breakfast at home before leaving