It’s November and the weather has brought some rain and lots of leaves.  November is also the start of the holiday season. No matter the holidays celebrated by you and yours, they tend to put an extra load on our already busy lives.  The last thing we want is to add more stress.  Our transaction manager, Natalie Conrad, is an organizing coach so we asked for her advice.  Here are just a few things she recommends that can help you this holiday season...

Decide what’s most important

Every year our holiday routines just unfold and we move through them like stressed robots on autopilot. Stop a moment and take the time to evaluate the yearly traditions; consider letting one or two things go this year.

Sync your calendars

Meet with your family or significant other and work on the calendar. Map it ALL out - the travel, parties, entertaining, shopping, etc.  Block out portions of time to get things done in between and don’t forget to RSVP!

Do the holiday cleaning now

Don’t wait until the day before your events; make your cleaning list now. Evaluate whether it all truly must be done before the holidays and then pare the cleaning list down to the essentials.  Schedule the carpet cleaners early if that’s on your list. Be productive – plan ahead, timers, time blocking those errands, freeze meals

Team up and shop

Make your list and check it twice. Then team up with someone you like to shop with. It will be more fun!  You can even divide and conquer when you go into the stores to finish more quickly. Don’t forget to shop local!