Let me guess: You are trying to decide between a dauntingly long laundry list of home improvement ‘projects’. Home Depot and HGTV have convinced some members of your family that you can DIY them all. Sound familiar? You are not alone. I have been banned from watching any more HGTV shows that flaunt normal every day Joe’s like you and I remodeling a whole master bath in 48hrs. That is not normal or feasible for a few reasons:

  • you really do want to remain in that relationship AND
  • it takes longer than 48 hours (more like 48 days)
  • having to re-do or fix mistakes makes the project less cost effective!!!

Whether you decide to bring in the professionals in the beginning or at your wit’s end, here is a quick list of ‘projects’ that will help increase your home’s value AND give you the most bang for your buck. The first two: Entry Door Replacement & Garage Door Replacement are simple enough I think even I could do (of course I don’t really mean this, I am happily married and plan to stay that way).

Don’t forget to give us a ring if you need phone numbers of contractors, painters, plumbers, etc. Good luck and congrats on improving your home’s value!