The three biggest factors in what a home will sell for are location, kitchen, and curb appeal. If you are trying to maximize the value of your home, there isn’t anything you can do about location, and let’s face it, kitchen remodels aren’t cheap. Curb appeal on the other hand makes a huge difference in whether someone will even schedule an appointment to view your home AND it can be done on a budget!

The photos below are from a listing we just sold on at 43 Forest Creek Circle. The sellers did an amazing job of transforming the outside of this home from something that looked tired and dated to the gem of the block!

First they cut away the enormous bushes that were blocking the view of the home and the windows. They replaced the shrubs with low maintenance, colorful plants and flowers, even eliminating some of the lawn space for planter beds requiring less water. They put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the home and made the front door stand out with some color. What a transformation! The sellers worked the same magic inside, but we’ll save that for a future blog  Needless to say, this home sold quickly at a premium price!

So what can you do on a budget and with time constraints to maximize the value of your home?

  • First, clear clutter! Clutter removal is not just an inside task. . .we have it outside too. Do you have silly garden decorations, too many mismatched chairs, tools, extra garden hoses, etc. Get rid of it all or move it out of sight!
  • Cut back trees and shrubs and put out fresh mulch/bark in planters. Don’t let shrubs block the view of the house or light coming into the house. Fresh bark and a few colorful plants will make your yard look fresh and well maintained.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Again, not just an inside job. Pressure wash driveways and sidewalks, make sure that eaves are free of cobwebs and clean the windows. You can do a pretty good job of this with a broom and a garden hose, but it is also inexpensive to rent pressure washers and we have contacts if you want to hire a professional!
  • Maintain siding, trim and gutters. If potential buyers see peeling paint or damaged trim, it may affect their perception of the condition of the house. Repair dry rot and keep trim and siding painted! If it isn’t time for a fresh coat of paint or it isn’t in the budget, consider painting the trim.
  • Paint the front door. A pop of color on the front door will draw attention to it. Compliment it with some well placed plants.

If you need any advice or recommendations for service providers, don’t hesitate to call us. We’d love to take a look and help in any way we can!