At the risk of sounding Repetitive, Redundant, and Recurring…. We are in a Sellers Market. Maybe I hear this 20+ times a week and you don’t because you are not surrounded by buyers, sellers, Realtors, lenders, and appraisers. So, just in case, you haven’t heard… we are in a Sellers Market!

Amazingly, we have a growing demand for housing right here in Chico. I often wonder what exactly is creating this demand but nevertheless our supply can’t keep up. As of 2 minutes ago (4/11/17, 11am) we have exactly 94 homes for sale in Chico under $500,000. This includes some new construction. The last time I talked to the agents that are selling the Sycamore Creek subdivision (north of Eaton, built by Epick Homes) they said they were ‘11 months out’. Meaning if you signed a contract today, your new home would not be completed for 11 months. The new homes in Hancock Park built by Shastan Homes said they are over 8 months away from completion. The Hartley Park subdivision north of town (off Nord Hwy) built by Webb Homes is also 8+\‐ months out!!! The Wildwood subdivision next to Wildwood Park is almost sold out. Wow!!!

What is my point? My point is, if you have a home you want to sell, let’s sell it. Quit waiting! You will get top dollar and you won’t have to sit on the market for 6 months. The market is ripe and, as the seller, you can call the shots. The reality is that California is in a bit of a Housing Crisis, not just our little sweet town.

From Inman News: Over-regulation, the high cost of living, slow new construction and the lack of affordable housing available for sale are all stifling the growth of homeownership in California.

Of course, sellers are only half the market. If you are a seller that needs to buy, or a buyer looking to make a house your home, believe it or not, it can be done! You just need some aces on your side (The Moving Chico Team!), a solid strategy, and thick skin. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us with ANY questions at all 😊