“Get into Real Estate”, Jerry said. “You’ll be great.” Jerry said. Jerry was my sales manager and a wonderful boss that saw something in me that implied I would be great for this wild ride.

My very first deal in the business I represented buyers. An amazing young couple with 2 of the cutest kids ever. Ocean blue eyes and a mop of white blond ringlets. That is not the point of my story though.

We searched, we toured, and we searched some more. We found the one, except it was a Short Sale. Luckily, neither they nor I really grasped the ramifications of that. They paid just over asking on a short sale a few blocks from the park. At the time, I didn’t realize what a short sale really meant. It was 3 months of waiting, emailing, calling, waiting, investigating, and.… waiting. They were as patient as could be, I think my patience ran out before theirs. I was frustrated with the bank, frustrated with the other agent, and frustrated with the process. Three of my first 5 deals in the business were Short Sales so I quickly learned the hard way; my lack of patience was gaining me nothing but sleepless nights. My patience has grown exponentially in the last 8 years, AND the other agent was actually amazing, I just didn’t know the good from the bad back then.

Chowchilla is just north of Fresno and every nickel of 4hrs away, oh and a Women’s State Correctional Facility (i.e. prison). I found out a week before we were to sign, record, and close this glorious Short Sale that the seller had to spend a little time in Chowchilla and would not be available for signatures! Ummmm…..I feel like this isn’t normal, is it??? My new sales manager took it in stride, and assured me between bites of his sandwich, “Sure, crazier things have happened. Sounds like you need to take a drive!!!” Huh? What? A drive??? What the hell am I going to do? Knock on the door and ask for a meeting with her???? This is insane. Jerry, this was your idea!

Long story short, my hubby put a stop to the 8hr+ round trip drive and visit to Chowchilla BUT my amazing, dedicated, and won’t take no for an answer buyer DID drive down for a visit, mediated by an attorney and notary, to get the job done. We closed. They moved in to their home. They still live there and I am happy to say the rate of appreciation on that house has more than made up for the Chowchilla adventure.

I think my very first 5 deals set me up for success: 3 Short Sales, 1 owner carry, a PGE sink hole, a suicide disclosure, a dry well in Cohasset, and a marijuana grow house in the Barber neighborhood. I’m not sure I’ve had that much drama in any consecutive 5 deals since! But I thought: I can do this, I am good at this. I didn’t realize there would be so many hugs, and tears, and high fives. I love this job. I STILL love this job. 😊

Now….. How can I help YOU????