Are you thinking about prepping your home to sale but do not know where to begin?
Here is a step-by-step list to help you get ready!

prepping your home for a spring sale!
  1. Declutter & Depersonalize: Start by decluttering your home, donate and box up unused items. The more you donate the less you have to move! Start in the garage, this way you have space for the donation pile & space to put boxes as you work your way through your home. Next work your way room to room, decluttering one room at a time. Remember to clearly label anything you box up; this will help you stay organized and hopefully unpack the boxes once you move instead of letting them collect dust! Take down family photos or anything that might distract the buyer from looking at your home. We want them to see themselves living in your home instead of getting distracted by your photos or personal style.
  2. Patch and paint: Now that you have taken things off the wall, it is a good time to patch up any holes and touch up the paint. You may love your red walls but when selling your home, neutrals are best. Pick a paint in shades of gray, or beige. Some buyers cannot see past the wall colors and this is an easy fix that can be done before you bring buyers into your home.
  3. Finish the Honey Do list: Make a list of those little items you have been thinking you need to get to. Work on fixing them or hire a handy man to get them done. These small items will stick out to buyers and they may not be able to look past them and see how beautiful your home is. Buyers want to see that your home has been well maintained.
  4. Deep Clean: Work one room at a time and clean top to bottom. Cobwebs, light fixture, dust, wipe down walls and scrub those baseboards. Clean the carpets and floors or consider updating them if needed. Clean windows inside and out, pressure wash the house & sidewalks if needed. A clean home will show better, and buyers want to buy a home that is clean and has been taken care of. This will make showings much easier as well, you will just need to do a quick pick up.
  5. Neutralize foul odors: Buyers start to make an emotional connection with your home within the first 5 minutes and smells can make a negative connection. Make sure the house smells fresh and clean for showings. Do not use air fresheners or scented candles as some buyers are sensitive to these. A fresh clean or citrus smell is best, essential oils in a diffuser or boiling cinnamon and orange peel before a showing is a great way to accomplish this.
  6. Stage & Stash: Time to put your house back together! Work one room at a time, think cozy. Maybe you put the living room chairs facing the fireplace, pull the couch off the wall and create a cozy sitting space. Let light in, are there window coverings that could use updating or heavy curtains blocking light, take them out. Consider getting rid of large furniture or using a cover on that zebra striped couch you love. Natural light will help the home feel bright and comfortable. Have some decorative boxes on hand for stashing your personal items the day of a showing. Toiletries, lotions, chargers, remotes or that last minute clutter. Having a spot to stash those items and be able to find them later is important. Want help staging your home? Work with a professional stager to stage your home with your own items. Staged homes tend to sell for more money and are on the market for less days.
  7. Curb appeal: Stand out on the sidewalk in front of your home and look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. Do you have personal yard art that can be removed, is the walkway clean and inviting? Consider removing the screen door to show off your front door. Does your door need a fresh coat of paint to make it pop? Add some potted plants or bright seasonal flowers to make the area more inviting. Prune back any bushes or trees, mow the lawn and blow the yard.

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