And Speaking of Teams. . .

We are thrilled to welcome Michael Prezioso to our Moving Chico Real Estate Team! Michael is an experienced agent that both Carolyn and I worked with before when he was starting his real estate career. Michael has a wealth of experience representing buyers, sellers and investors. He is also an investor friendly agent and personally owns, rehabs, and manages investment properties in the local area. Our Moving Chico Team is operating smoothly and it was going to take a very special person to fit the model of excellence in client service that we have developed. Michael’s experience, integrity, work ethic and genuine dedication to his clients make him that special person to round out our team! You can read Michael’s full bio here.

So what’s with all of these teams popping up in the Real Estate industry anyway? Our world has become so fast paced that we are forced to constantly do more in the same amount of time. In addition, clients expect their Realtor to be constantly accessible. Spending a day with a client showing property is one of the core things we do as agents. However, we just can’t do it at the expense of our other clients, or the lenders and escrow offices that need to communicate with us NOW. Teams help to solve that problem. For example, I can be showing property in Magalia and if buyer needs to get something emailed to their lender right this second, I have a team back at the office that will make that happen. We also gain a lot of efficiencies with both our time and money by sharing administrative and marketing tasks, freeing up our time to spend with clients.

The Moving Chico Team is not your typical team. When you are working with one of us, we don’t hand you off to a buyer’s agent or a closing specialist. Whether you are buying or selling, we will be your consultant throughout the entire process - from initial consultation to listing paperwork, viewing homes and negotiating repairs. There will be times, however, when we are on vacation or with another client. In these situations, our team will be there to service your needs and provide you with the excellent client service you have come to expect from working with us. I am so grateful to be partnered with amazing people, who I am confident will handle my clients with the highest level of integrity and expertise!